The rain is falling at night,
but the thunder hardly gives me a fright.
In the night i rest my brain,
to the sound of the night rain.
The sound is not one, but many,
Oh how much i miss my old granny.
She would hug me tight when it would rain,
because the sound of the thunder played havoc in my brain.
now coming back to the sounds, which i had heard,
were more sweet than that of a little bird.
the drops of rain,when they fall on the leaves,
It makes them jump like comical peevs.
the rain drops falling on the ground,
looking outside i could see no one around.
The reason being it was dark,
in the rain i like to stroll in a park.
in the end i would close my eyes and she would stroke my hair,
now instead of the fingers i feel the cool air.