Our soldiers

we fight in the valley, Die in the ditch,

Now life seems to be an irritating bitch.

The dreams we had, have gone off air,

Now, all that is left with us are a bunch of nightmares,

The things, which we miss, are our dreams.

Which have been lost in some distant screams,

The sleep goes away in the night,

The morning greets us with frostbite.

The sand in our eyes never goes away,

The mosquitoes drinking our blood, buzzing hurray

For peace we fight and for peace we die,

Without worrying about our plight and the question is why?

The answer to this question no one can find,

Cause people in this country seem to be blind.

Gone are the days when people respected us,

These days it seems we are losing their trust.

We still fight and still die,

So that they sleep on the bed, on which they lie