This i wrote about a girl on whom i had a huge crush. The 4th sem was coming to an end. I was sitting at “maushi ki tapri” . I was having my tea. She came out of the college building and how beautiful she looked. That was the time i realized that i have a crush on her. Now of course the case is different. I have outgrown the crush , but she bought out the poet in me. And like many before me who were in love, who wrote poems about their loved ones , i too wrote a poem.



Those beautiful eyes and her long hair,

Makes me come out of my lair.

It’s been four days since I saw her,

The strength to talk I could not muster,

I wish I could stop being a cat,

Cause for me it is time to act,

In another five days, she will be gone,

Then there would be no one to set my eyes upon.