Random thoughts

These thoughts came into my mind during my first week at home after i came back from Pune. These thoughts, after you go through them will appear to be dark..and some of them..i personally feel are the realities which the society refuses to accept . So dear reader happy reading !

  • The emptiness inside got replaced by fear, insecurity and malice against his own free will.
  • How a person can change your life, you don’t realize it   but when you realize it it’s too late, and the realization hits you like a freight train.
  • The thoughts lay around just like pieces of puzzles laying on the floor only waiting for someone to put them together and make a picture out of it , the only difference is that in life there is no one but yourself who has to put those pieces together .
  • Happiness is like sand, it never remains in one’s hand.
  • Good life is just a façade, blanketed under the veil of one’s idea of fun.
  • Random thoughts poison my mind, the blood flowing in my veins stops, the shadows of uncertainty hovers over my head. a box in which the senseless brain resides , still battling with the heart who is more important the mind or the heart .
  • Tales were told by grandparents and history is rewritten by the present, never by the losers cause in this war of generation we lose out on experience, we lose out on being ruthless.
  • Is it the youth which poisons the country or the people who claim to be adults.
  • Who installs fear? Answer: Elders in one’s family.
  • Good show, in reality is the bad.
  • Sometimes emptiness can be so filling that you feel you had enough of it.
  • I see couples all around me, humans and animals alike. Today I got up in the morning and saw a dog and a bitch making love, what the hell.
  • Man is nature’s only imperfection.