The winter raindrops were hitting against his face , the wind roared and he clutched his grandfather’s trench coat tightly, trying to keep himself warm and dry . He was just returning from his grandparents home . The sun had long set in the sleepy town of Dehradun . Dark figures sillhoutted against the orange light of the street lamps. An occasional vehicle passed lighting up the wet road , raindrops were seen against their headlights. It was just too cold and he had a long walk ahead . The drains and the canals of Doon were over flowing with water.Ocaasionaly the sky would smile at his plight in the from of lightning. His feet were covered with mud . He liked this weather a lot . Winter and the rains were the best time of the year for him . Everything changed , people would try to take cover form the rain and the cold . Maybe light a fire and warm their hands around it , but not him..not Bhanu. He just loved this weather .He used to like the sound of the raindrops falling on the raincoat. He was a wanderer . Whenever he went he did not go to any specific place, he just went to random places . Never he used to decide where to go what to do. He used to just go, without thinking . Sometimes this used to land him in trouble .


He lay there  on the road , and saw the raindrops fall , he could feel them on his face. His heart beat had increased he could feel that too . They say that when you die there is a  hightened sense of things . His left was hand holding his right side of the stomach ….trying hard to stop the blood. He lay there knowing that it was too late…..


He looked across the street , his hands still clutching the trenchcoat. The road was deserted , the small alleys looked threatning . Suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps on the wet road. He was a bit too slow to dodge the dagger . He felt a sharp pain on the right side of his stomach. He opened his eyes , an unknown face was rummaging through his pocket. The flash of lightning showed his assailants figure. The man was big …but even big men can be vulnereble. Bhanu took out the knife from his stomach and puts it right through the big man’s throat. He felt weak and sick .He wanted to vomit but could not. He just lay there looking at the sky and feeling the rain on his face . He knew it was too late . He could feel some weight on his his legs . He raised his head and saw that the unknown face was looking directly at him . Their eyes met and bhanu knew that the stranger was dying . The raindrops fell on his white cheek. His eyes were wide open . His hands holding his throat, as if he was trying to strangle himself .


Suddenly the body moved and after that it lay still.


He put his head down….took a deep breath and smiled . He closed his eyes.. His favourute song The End by doors as played in stonned imamculate ,started playing in his mind. After that he knew nothing. Blackness took over him.Image