I have been doing cycling for quite some time now, not on a professional level though. I keep thinking that I will write something about cycling someday or the other, finally today I plan to write something about it. In India we are seeing a growing trend of people taking up cycling as exercise and as recreational sports. All this is majorly due to the efforts of “Firefox.” (personal opinion)

A typical Indian cycle would be the one which we often term as Cruise bikes. They were heavy, the components were cheap and easily available and of course not to mention unreliable. The seat post was quite large with springs attached to it. One could not alter the height of the post according to one’s own height. Like many other things in India, cycle was not thought very attractive, so hardly any work was done in this sector, in terms of geometry of the frame, quality of the components etc. Although Indian companies like BSA, Hercules, Hero Cycles, did try to make amends and succeeded. They came out with fancy designs and framework which appealed to the kids.

Then in early 2005 Firefox came to India, and with it came quality and cycling revolution in India. The scene changed dramatically in India. Cycling as a hobby or as an exercise not only appealed to the children, but also to the people who had last ridden a cycle when they were in “class…….”

As far as professional cycling is concerned, it has also changed a lot. Earlier if one wanted to buy a racing cycle, he had to import it from outside, and it resulted in lot of money being spent on import duty. What Firefox has done is that it has introduced bikes which are of international standards and they also go easy on the pocket. So because of this more and more people have started to buy cycles. In the metros a lot of people have also started going to their offices on cycles. A lot of people have also started to cycle across India. Every year I hear about at least five or six groups people who have done a trip across India. This trend in India is slowly in rise, so is the cycling trend in India.

The cycling scene in India is definitely on the rise and by the looks of it, it is here to stay. Only eight years in the Indian market, Firefox has changed the cycling scene in India, let’s wait and watch how the decade goes by…….