It has been a long time since I wrote anything on my blog,(almost four years). Many things have changed since the time I last updated my blog (But I will keep those for later). I have decided now to update my blog at least once a week; type down my thoughts (can’t pen them these days). These fingers have written for a lot of people but hardly for themselves, and this is what I want to change. I came across this listicle which described a few traits of those who were born in August (August 29th). One of the traits was that we express ourselves when we write.

That one single line sparked something in me, and after that all I wanted was to write, not for others, but for myself. I guess I will have to be selfish now! I am sure you must have seen Shia LeBouf’s video where he primarily just yells JUST DO IT! Well that is what happened to my brain and my feelings when I read the article. They yelled at me, JUST DO IT!!!

Here is a little motivation, in case you are procrastinating!