Where are we headed ?

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Whenever I listen to the cult hit “the end” by doors, strange things happen to me. I began to think about our own existence. Do we actually live or are we are those humans who have been made to believe that whatever is around us is real and the truth (just like those movies, where a healthy human mind wakes up to the dawn of a world, a world full of lies and deceit  a world where the reality is the biggest lie). They only show us what they want us to see or what or maybe what we want to see. Yes people I am talking about those people who rule us. Question them as an individual, they kill you. Question them as a group, they will call you terrorists. We value metal and stones which shine, but we don’t value a life a fellow living being. We value pieces of paper, but we do not value the nature which provides us with everything.  We believe in god in time of troubled times, but how many of us believe in ourselves.   As humans we have a tendency to always look upto some divine power (does it really exists?). Politicians have no clue what they are doing. The common man has no clue what he is doing. It is mad -mad world, where nobody knows what they are doing. India a great country, world’s largest democracy, a multi-religious country, a country where many languages are spoken, a country where many ideologies co-exist together…..balls , no wonder there so many fucked up things happening in the world’s largest democracy . We don’t have money to repair the potholes, but we have the money to build an F1-racing track. We don’t have the money to feed the poor, but we have the money to build a 700 crore park. The politicians have enough money to take out rallies during election time, once they come in power, the money mysteriously disappears.

I would also like to talk about us human beings, as a race where are we headed? Have we already touched the zenith or is there still more to us. I am writing this is because we are not doing anything or inventing anything new. In the past century apart from the Computer which is the other invention which has changed the world drastically? I would really like to know a few, if my readers know about some of them please do let me know.  It might be factual or hypothetical but I feel that as a race we do not have a goal. I mean what is the next big issue which we have deal with? Is it environmental degradation, terrorism or the general callous nature of the humans? I guess humans as a race is too selfish, we all hold on to things which we should not.

We have come to a point of stagnation as far as creating/inventing new things are concerned. The only question which I want to ask is, are we going in the right direction. Are we there where we set out to be? I leave it for you all to answer that.


The dew drops carry in it’s eye both mountain and sky !

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The Rain

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The smell of the earth before the rain,
Somehow always dazzles my brain.
The little drops which fall on earth,
Seem to be so rare in the city of Perth.
Across the sky, I see the flash,
The sound is worse than that of a whiplash.
The sound of the thunder is so loud,
That my eyes turn away from the dark cloud
The trees sway like the crazy hatter,
The drops fall on the roof pittar patter
The grass gets wet with the rainy water,
just lik the fur of the sea otter
I hear the sound of the rain,
And see the water trickling down the window pane.
I sit on my window and look at the world outside,
The earth after the rain looks like the evening bride.

Random Thoughts

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Random thoughts

These thoughts came into my mind during my first week at home after i came back from Pune. These thoughts, after you go through them will appear to be dark..and some of them..i personally feel are the realities which the society refuses to accept . So dear reader happy reading !

  • The emptiness inside got replaced by fear, insecurity and malice against his own free will.
  • How a person can change your life, you don’t realize it   but when you realize it it’s too late, and the realization hits you like a freight train.
  • The thoughts lay around just like pieces of puzzles laying on the floor only waiting for someone to put them together and make a picture out of it , the only difference is that in life there is no one but yourself who has to put those pieces together .
  • Happiness is like sand, it never remains in one’s hand.
  • Good life is just a façade, blanketed under the veil of one’s idea of fun.
  • Random thoughts poison my mind, the blood flowing in my veins stops, the shadows of uncertainty hovers over my head. a box in which the senseless brain resides , still battling with the heart who is more important the mind or the heart .
  • Tales were told by grandparents and history is rewritten by the present, never by the losers cause in this war of generation we lose out on experience, we lose out on being ruthless.
  • Is it the youth which poisons the country or the people who claim to be adults.
  • Who installs fear? Answer: Elders in one’s family.
  • Good show, in reality is the bad.
  • Sometimes emptiness can be so filling that you feel you had enough of it.
  • I see couples all around me, humans and animals alike. Today I got up in the morning and saw a dog and a bitch making love, what the hell.
  • Man is nature’s only imperfection.


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This i wrote about a girl on whom i had a huge crush. The 4th sem was coming to an end. I was sitting at “maushi ki tapri” . I was having my tea. She came out of the college building and how beautiful she looked. That was the time i realized that i have a crush on her. Now of course the case is different. I have outgrown the crush , but she bought out the poet in me. And like many before me who were in love, who wrote poems about their loved ones , i too wrote a poem.



Those beautiful eyes and her long hair,

Makes me come out of my lair.

It’s been four days since I saw her,

The strength to talk I could not muster,

I wish I could stop being a cat,

Cause for me it is time to act,

In another five days, she will be gone,

Then there would be no one to set my eyes upon.

Our Soldiers

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Our soldiers

we fight in the valley, Die in the ditch,

Now life seems to be an irritating bitch.

The dreams we had, have gone off air,

Now, all that is left with us are a bunch of nightmares,

The things, which we miss, are our dreams.

Which have been lost in some distant screams,

The sleep goes away in the night,

The morning greets us with frostbite.

The sand in our eyes never goes away,

The mosquitoes drinking our blood, buzzing hurray

For peace we fight and for peace we die,

Without worrying about our plight and the question is why?

The answer to this question no one can find,

Cause people in this country seem to be blind.

Gone are the days when people respected us,

These days it seems we are losing their trust.

We still fight and still die,

So that they sleep on the bed, on which they lie

The Home I Miss The Most

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The home, which I miss the most

Five years of my life, I spent there,

Those days I miss have gone somewhere.

Lost in the boundless tide of time,

I want those moments back, which were mine.

Those days I remember when I played cricket with a racquet,

Those nights I will not forget in which we created a racket.

A shout here and a laughter there,

The warden comes looking everywhere.

We coined him with the name black mamba,

He sure did not know a thing about chumbawamba.

The inter-house matches were so intense,

That people would forget that they were living in the present tense.

Chewing our nails and thumping our feet,



As Sequinswe never saw the face of defeat.

It was a home away from home

At night after ten, we were not allowed to roam

A water fight in the middle of the night,

In the summer, it sure improved our plight.

The powder dropped on the floor,

If at home, I would be listening to folklore.

The fist fight I don’t know what will it bring,

Next day my parent’s phone is sure to ring.

Five years of my life, I spent there,

Those days I miss have gone somewhere.

Lost in the boundless tide of time,

I want those moments back, which were mine

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